How to Change Who Can See Your Status on WhatsApp

Here Possitive Filter teaches you the way to alter your privacy settings to limit who will read your standing updates on WhatsApp.

10 Second summary

1. Open WhatsApp.
2. Go to WhatsApp Settings.
3. Tap Account.
4. Tap Privacy.
5. Tap Status.
6. Select your Status audience.
7. Confirm your selection.





1.  Open Whatsapp Messenger .

The WhatsApp icon feels like a inexperienced box with a white speech balloon and a phone in it. WhatsApp can open up to your Chats page unless you were exploitation it before.
If WhatsApp reveal to a spoken language or another page, faucet the rear button within the upper-left corner till you see the navigation bar. you may see the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen on an iPhone, or at the highest of your screen on Android.




2. Go to your WhatsApp settings.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, faucet the Settings button within the lower-right corner of your screen. it’s sort of a gear icon.
If you are using Android, faucet the setting button within the upper-right corner of your screen, this is often your Menu button. you’ll be able to open your settings by choosing Settings from this menu.




3. Tap Account .

This option will be next to a small key icon, and it will open your account settings.




4. Tap Privacy.




5. Tap Status.

This option can show you your current settings for standing privacy on your Privacy menu. Tapping thereon can provide you with the choice to vary your settings.




6. Select your Status audience from the menu.

WhatsApp can offer you the choice to alter your standing privacy settings to My contacts, My contacts except…, or solely share with…
  • Select My contacts if you wish all of your contacts to be ready to read your standing updates.
  • Tap My contacts except… if you wish to dam a number of your contacts from viewing your standing updates. Tap on this selection can name a listing of your WhatsApp contacts, and allow you to choose those that you just need to cover your standing updates from.
  • Tap solely share with… if you wish to pick and choose who you are going to share your standing updates with. sound on this selection can name a listing of your contacts, and you’ll choose those that you just need to share your standing updates with.



7. Confirm Your Selection.

This will save your settings.

  • To confirm on an iPhone or iPad, faucet drained the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • To confirm on Android, faucet the checkmark within the lower-right corner of your screen.
  • If you choose My contacts, your settings are going to be saved mechanically. you will not see a checkmark button.

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